Guiding Principles

Luminant Group was started in early 2006 as a response to the current security consulting situation.

As engineers and senior management of a highly successful Information Security program for a financial institution that manages trillions of dollars annually, the team brings extensive experience to the security consulting arena.

Our philosophy is that security assessments are an integral part of your Information Security program and are best used to augment audits of your information security policy and required practices. We believe that these assessments are essential for identifying and reducing risks to your business. However, the primary purpose of the security assessment is to verify that your security is working the way that you expect it to and accordingly to your requirements. The founding partners of Luminant seek to provide comprehensive evaluations of security architectures and to provide the results of the evaluations in terms that business leaders understand. Our team uses security tools to augment our assessment arsenal but our strength is people competent enough to fully understand the results of a vulnerability scanner, and capable of performing additional tests to validate the accuracy of the reports.

We look at technology risks in the context of operational and procedural controls thus providing a more holistic view of the risk to the organization. We believe that third party testing and assessment of security controls is one component of a comprehensive, integrated security management program that is essential to managing business operations that rely on its automated and highly interconnected systems. With this in mind, we developed a better framework for security assessments and business risk oriented presentations for decision makers.

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